About Us


Today, the name Braddie’s Bar is by far one of the most famous and internationally recognized rum shops in Barbados. Located on the outskirts of the popular St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church Barbados and within walking distance of the Dover Playing Field and Pavilion, the property was once operated by the Johnson family as a village rum shop under the name Dover Bar and Grocery. It was acquired in the late 1980’s by former politician and Member of Parliament Delisle Bradshaw but it was not until after retiring from active politics in 1991 that Delisle (nicknamed Braddie) and his wife Shirley decided to try their hand at operating the premises. Minor renovations ensued and it was later rebranded under the name “Braddie’s Bar and Hide Away” and later “Braddie’s Bar.”

It was not long before the couple created a unique brand of rumshop on the island, one which was aptly described by a writer of the Financial Times as “an institution run by a politician.”  Braddie was known for engaging in lengthy political discussions with persons across the political divide and his breadth of knowledge on local, regional and international current affairs. The bar attracted and was frequented by several public figures across the political, entertainment and sporting fraternity across the Caribbean, some of whom have been captured in the Braddie’s Hall of Fame. On the hand, Shirley became known for her mouth watering pork chops and chicken wings prepared with a special blend of homemade spices, herbs and seasonings. Together they provided the welcoming atmosphere at the Bar which was made even more forgettable on Friday nights when they joined patrons to sing along at karaoke.

Although the property has undergone numerous changes over the years to accommodate the increasing number of patrons, the family has retained the traditional rum shop décor and wooden structure whilst making minor modern changes to the Bar’s façade. For a few years the bar was leased and operated by Oneil Graham and later Cathy Beckles but currently, the bar is managed by the Bradshaw’s youngest daughter and attorney-at-law Santia who has followed in her father’s political footsteps as the Member of Parliament for the constituency of St. Michael South East.

For those interested in learning more about the rumshop culture and of course rum in Barbados, a tasty meal, or simply liming and conversing with friends, Braddie’s Bar is the place to be.